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Erasmus Project Successfully Concludes Two-Year Journey, Leaving Lasting Impact on Participants

A Celebration of Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Personal Growth

After two years of intercultural cooperation, the Erasmus project entitled Active Global Citizenship: Bridges of Interculturality has come to an end. Conducted among four different educational institutions across Europe –Italy, Spain, Lithuania, and Turkey, the project has addressed, correspondingly, areas such as the power of music as a means to communicate social problems, the value of embracement and identity, the difficulty posed by bullying and cyberbullying, and interculturality. Bringing together students, educators, and professionals from diverse backgrounds, the project has left an indelible mark on its participants and has fostered a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, cultural heritage, and, most importantly, the certainty that what brings us together is always stronger.

The Erasmus project provided participants with a platform to engage in academic pursuits, cultural exploration, and personal development. The diverse group of students and professionals collaborated on research, attended workshops, and engaged in community outreach, fostering a sense of shared purpose and global citizenship.

We are happy to communicate that all project objectives were met. Specifically:
1. An online set of didactic materials has been elaborated. These materials are available for any educational institution or teacher who would wish to address the importance of interculturality, activie citizenship or any of the aspects addressed in each encounter. You may visit these materials here.
2. Intercultural competence and active global citizenship have been promoted in the participants and integrated within our school policies.

As the project comes to an end, participants expressed their profound gratitude for the opportunity to broaden their horizons and develop lifelong relationships. Testimonials from students highlighted, not only the academic growth, but also the personal enrichment gained through the sequence of experiences offered by the Erasmus project. The dedication and enthusiasm of the participants were evident at all times, along with their collective efforts in promoting intercultural cooperation and fostering a sense of unity. «The Erasmus project exemplifies the power of international collaboration in education. It has not only enhanced academic knowledge, but also contributed significantly to the personal growth and global perspective of those involved,” Mr. Alario remarked.

Looking ahead, the legacy of this Erasmus project is expected to expand our proposal vastly, as participants return to their home institutions, bringing with them a wealth invaluable insights gained during their time abroad. The relationships they built and the lessons they learnt certainly promote a more interconnected and understanding world, reflecting thus the essence of the Erasmus program.

To learn more about the specifics of the project, please, click here.

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